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My name is Kathryn Ostermeier and I recently received my Ph.D. in Management from the University of North Texas (May 2018), which is a Carnegie-ranked top-tier research university. My dissertation, entitled "A Foot in Two Worlds: Exploring Organizational and Professional Dual Identification", was a three-study, quantitative exploration of a type of dual identification. In my work, I explored how identifying with one's profession and organization at the same time can have ramifications for the individual and their organization. 

Before joining UNT, I received my BBA in Business Honors from Texas A&M University (December 2012) and my MBA from the University of Texas at Tyler (August 2014). While completing my MBA, I worked as a third-party recruiter (headhunter) in the finance and accounting industry.

I decided to leave industry and pursue a doctoral degree due to my interest in teaching, but I fell in love with research along the way. I believe that being a researcher allows me to be a better, more knowledgeable teacher and that being a teacher helps me conduct relevant and timely research. I enjoy getting to pursue both at Bryant University where I am an Assistant Professor of Management.

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